Our Team

Tara Gurney

Billing Operations Director

Tara Gurney has worked in the field of billing and revenue cycle management for nine years. Over time she extended her knowledge and expertise enabling her to successfully run a billing and consulting company prior to joining the United Billing Team.

Ms. Gurney has worked relentlessly to provide the highest caliber of service a billing company can provide. Her drive for excellence coupled with her unique skill set has only yielded revenue growth and success.

Robert Senese

Director of Billing

For the better part of a decade Robert has been involved in all aspects of the revenue cycle. Robert brought his knowledge and qualifications to help advance United Billing Solutions in 2020. He assists in managing all operational and financial aspects of the company with regards to RCM.  

Robert believes every client of United Billing Solutions deserves equal consideration and focus, in order to increase revenue and maximize reimbursement.

Julia Burd

Laboratory Billing Manager

Julia joined United Billing Solutions in 2019 to lead the Laboratory Department. Ms. Burd orchestrates a large team to successfully manage in and out of state laboratories, including all areas of billing. Ms. Burd excels in every facet of the medical billing world.

She has successfully overseen the expansion of various billing models, all while fostering strong customer relationships for long term retention.